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Our Story

About 8 years ago, a painter/photographer Paco Montestruque started designing jewelry in his own studio apartment in Santa Monica, CA. He started selling his creations at street fairs, flea markets, and festivals. Inspired by the sights and enamored with the essence of street style and people expressing their individuality freely, he decided to name the brand “Flea Market Girl”.

After some time, fashion designer Carolina Sabogal, his wife, joined the brand, contributing in many different aspects from designing to social networking. As the company quickly grew, Carolina and Paco launched a website along with a wholesale line.

Flea Market Girl jewelry pieces combine raw minerals, semi-precious stones, bronze, leather, and brass metal. The style of this combination creates an array of looks for the line, from edgy to dainty, which is expected to make the quintessential “flea market girl” feel confident in her own style.

Today, they continue creating, drawing, designing, and evolving in their artistic expression.This adventure is still just beginning, and the duo hope to offer even a better variety to fulfill every girl’s styling needs.

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